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Coolest ways of making notes!

In our earlier feature, we listed a few tips for effective note taking. In today’s article, we will take a look at the different types of effective note taking methods.

The Cornell Method

Divide the page into three parts while using the Cornell Method.

Right-hand column: This is the column which is used to take notes. Make sure that the sentences are maximum 5-10 words long.

Left hand column: During class intervals, create questions or cues that clarify meaning, or reveal information about the concerned topic.

Use the bottom of the page for summarising the notes.

Once you go home, re-read the notes in the right column and remember the points in the right column.  

The Outline Method

As the name suggests, this method helps you organise the topic while listening to your teacher. For instance, let us suppose the teacher is explaining Polynomials. If you use the outline method, your notes will look like the following infographic. 

The outline method breaks down the concept into topics and sub-topics and helps you put things in order.   

The Mind Mapping Method


Creating mind maps is easier if you already have some knowledge about the topic being discussed. This method compels you to jot down as many ideas and keywords related to the topic as possible. Here is an example of a mind map on hobbies. 


 The Pyramid Principle Method


This method helps you create notes using the top-down structure. Here you have to divide the information on a given topic by literally making a pyramid out of it.

Begin with the title followed by heading and its subheading and the base of this pyramid would contain the bulk of the information.

This kind of structure helps one remember the what, when, why and how of things.

For example:


The SQ3R Method 

This method can be used when making notes from textbooks. We will cover the SQ3R method in detail in our next feature, which is about making notes from textbook lessons.  

The Guided Notes Method

Usually guided notes are copies handed out by teachers in the classroom, where students have to fill in the blanks with key facts or concepts as the lecture progresses. 

Now that you have gone through these fun note-making ways, take out your notebooks and get started! We hope you now enjoy taking down notes in your classrooms.

With inputs from Snehal Naik

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