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CBSE eases procedure for lost documents

The CBSE has devised a faster and low-cost system for retrieving misplaced or lost documents or certificates. The newly founded certification system of CBSE has perks not just for its current students but alumni as well. This means that now applicants do not have to go through the multiple layers of application process or courier drafts. In fact, they need not even travel anymore to retrieve their documents as according to CBSE Chairman R K Chaturvedi, former students can now apply for the certificate in any regional offices.

In addition, the price for the duplicate certificate will be reduced and soon CBSE will introduce an online payment mode. If one needs the documents immediately, they can download the documents from the digital locker. The locker was introduced this year with the batch 2015-16.

Certificates of previous years will be accessible to all via the CBSE website. Not only will the documents have a digitally verified signature, they will also have a PKI encrypted QR code. The code will act as a safety mechanism against any kind of tampering. 

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