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Changes Introduced By CBSE for Classes 1-12 in 2018

This year, CBSE seems to have taken up the task of revolutionizing the education system. The Board has introduced some landmark changes, right from changes in the exam pattern to encrypted question papers; from conduction of exams sooner to early release of results, and much more.

CBSE Board Exams to Commence from February 2019

Until now, the 10th and 12th Board exams were conducted in the month of March. But, as per the latest official notification by CBSE, the 2019 board exam will start in February. The exam for the core subjects will continue to be held in March, as usual, but the vocational subjects will be done with, in February. CBSE offers 14 vocational subjects for Class 10 students and 40 skill-based education subjects for Class 12 students. Some subjects like Web Applications and Office Communication have less than 500 students. So, CBSE has decided to get done with the vocational subjects in February, so that, in March it can conduct the exam for core subject. This is a welcome move by CBSE which will benefit the students in the long run.

CBSE Results To Be Announced Sooner Than Before

The High Court has issued a direction to CBSE to release board exam results earlier than usual from this year onwards. The HRD Minister, Mr. Prakash Javedkar, has also urged to expedite the process of publishing results for the main exam as well as revaluation results.

Now, do you see how this works? If CBSE conducts the Boards over February and March, instead of just March, then it can wrap up the exams earlier than usual. Consequently, it will also be able to publish the results sooner than before. And, this will certainly prove to be a boon for the students. This year, many students have faced problems due to the late publishing of revaluation results.

Digitalization of CBSE Board Question Papers

If you have been following the news closely, you may already know that the last time CBSE got a lot of unwanted publicity due to question paper leaks. Some exams had to be rescheduled or re-conducted as a result.

To prevent question paper leaks, CBSE has decided to introduce encrypted question papers, which will be sent to the school Principal right before the exams. The Principal can then download the question papers using user id and password. In fact, CBSE had introduced this measure in this year itself, but there were a few technical glitches in the process. CBSE will soon fix those and re-introduce the practice from next year again.

Two sets of Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 Maths

Does the sound of Maths give you nightmares? Well, in that case, we have inviting news for you. As per the latest notification, CBSE will issue two different sets of Maths question paper for Class 10 students. Students can either choose to appear for the standard level or the existing level. The standard level will be better suited for those students who do not wish to pursue Maths after Class 10. However, the syllabus will be the same for all students, only the level of difficulty will be adjusted to suit the need of the students.

No Homework for CBSE Class 1 & 2 Students

What a relief for Class 1 and 2 students studying under CBSE! As per instructions by Madras court, schools affiliated to CBSE will not issue any homework to these students. Also, the schools have been asked to strictly adhere to the NCERT textbooks.

Well, our experts are of the opinion that these changes introduced by CBSE are in the best interest of the students, and will bear favorable results in the future. Students and parents also seem to be embracing these changes with joy?

But, what do you feel? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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