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CBSE: Three-language option to be extended till Class 10

Over 18,000 schools affiliated to the CBSE will have to implement the three-language formula up to Class 10. Currently, schools are meant to follow this up to Class 8.

Under the National Education Policy, the three-language formula means students in Hindi-speaking states should learn a modern Indian language, apart from Hindi and English and, in non-Hindi-speaking states, they should learn Hindi along with the regional language and English.

However, a majority of the 18,000 affiliated institutions offer the mother tongue or Hindi, English and a foreign language such as German and Mandarin up to Class VIII. Now, all schools will not only have to implement the three-language formula in letter and spirit, but also extend it up to Class 10. In non-Hindi speaking states, the second language will be English or Hindi and the third language will be English or a modern Indian language. In Hindi-speaking states, students can choose English and modern Indian languages as their second and third languages. The CBSE has also recommended that foreign languages be taught only as an elective.

A directive, with finer details and timing of implementation, will be issued to schools as soon as the move is ratified by the government. It’s not clear at this moment if the third language, which will be introduced in Class 9 and 10, will be tested in the Board exam.

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