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This is how your pre-board performance can predict your board scores


This is how your pre-board performance can predict your board scores

The sole purpose of the pre-board is to give you a real-time experience of the actual Board exam.

By Snehal Naik 22nd Dec, 2016 04:52 pm

Beginning every academic year, students create perfect study routines and set ambitious goals to follow timetables. However, as exams approach, the perfection changes into panic and a majority of students experience anxiety and exam-related stress. Many board exam candidates find themselves in a fix during the pre-boards. 

Do you know that the pre-boards give you the chance to gauge your readiness for the main exam? Let’s understand some nitty-gritties about Pre-Board Exams.

The sole purpose of the pre-board is to give you a real-time experience of the actual Board exam. The paper pattern and the difficulty level of the questions match the type of questions that can be asked in the Boards.

So how can you do well in your pre-boards?

-Familiarise yourself with the syllabus and the important chapters.
-Plan your study according to the marks allocated to chapters and topics.
-The lessons that have more weightage are likely to cover long answer questions. Allot time accordingly to these lessons.
-Pay attention to the multiple-choice and objective type questions and these help you revise your concepts.
-Pay more attention to the non-favourite subjects so that you are well-versed with them too.
-Make notes of important definitions, concepts, formulas, theorems, step-wise calculations, important dates, etc and refer to these for repeated revision.
-Time yourself and solve sample papers and past year papers
-Practise writing fast but in a neat handwriting at the same time.
-Revise the textbook solutions as most of the questions are based on the prescribed books.

Your pre-board scores are NOT the final report card. But some indicators can be helpful, isn’t it?

-A score between 55-65% is an indication that you have been moderately preparing for your board exam.

-A score of 70 -85% indicates that you have been preparing well for the Board Exams.

-A score of 85% + shows that you are determined to score excellently in your boards.

If you have scored less than 55%, there is no need to panic. It is, in fact, good that you came to know where you stand and can work on your weak areas to ace your score. Also, no matter what your scores are, you must continue studying according to your plan. 

Experts at TopperLearning say that you are on the right track and all set for the board exams if you:

1. Maintain a sleep-wake cycle
2. Follow a schedule
3. Do not skip meals
4. Read your lessons well
5. Make notes
6. Solve textbook questions
7. Practise solving papers
8. Draw neat diagrams
9. Practise writing neatly
10. Relax in between

A good pre-board score indicates that you have been attentive and diligent at school and that you have followed a study plan at home. But it also means that you need to continue studying to increase your scores per subject. However, do not get worked up during your pre-board. Treat it as a practice session before the actual board examination. A determined and a patient approach to your pre-boards is guaranteed to help you score better in the final board exam. Pre-boards are NOT a final report card but like a mock paper. So keep calm and allow yourself to be tested.

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