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Amazing Ways to Make the Best out of Waste

Recycling is an important process as it helps you make the BEST out of WASTE. We know about the availability of recycled products in the market, and we contribute towards environment safety by buying those products. But charity always begins at home! Why waste money when you can recycle your products and feel proud about it. We list some of the amazing ways to make the best out of your waste.



Wall Mirror Frames from Old Bottle Caps

What do you do with the bottle caps of aerated drinks? Throw them away, right? One thing you can surely do with them is to use them to make a mirror frame! All you need to do is to just stick the caps around the mirror.



Key Chains from Old Credit and Debit Cards

Old debit and credit cards add to the garbage. Why pollute the environment when we can make beautiful key chains from them. Think about it! It’s easy and useful.



Pencil Holder from Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are frequently used in every household and then finally thrown into the dustbin. Cut the plastic bottle in the middle, decorate it and your pencil holder is ready.




Paper Bags from Old Newspapers

Paper bags are quite popular these days and have replaced plastic bags to quite an extent. You can make paper bags from old newspapers and gift it to your mother for shopping purposes.



Trays from Old Photo Frames

Old photo frames may not look good together on the wall, but a little creativity can transform them into attractive trays. Just research on the ways to make attractive trays and get started.



Button Bracelets

Those not so useful buttons which keep shifting from your drawers to your table and then back to the drawers seldom have any use! Right? Well, weave the buttons into a nice bracelet and flaunt your creation. It will definitely add to your style quotient.



Tyre Planters

Why throw car tyres when you can go eco-friendly with them. Yes! We can make tyre planters and hang them outside our balconies. They can easily replace heavy plant pots.



Wind Chimes from Old Keys

This is one of the unique ideas which you can implement to make the best out of your waste. Collect old keys, attach them with strings and make your own wind chime.


Egg Cartons for the Initial Growth of Seeds

Put some soil and seeds in egg cartons and water them regularly. You can use the egg carton until the plant is ready to be shifted to the garden.



Make Bags from your Old Clothes

Your clothes are old, but you don’t feel like getting rid of them! Well, no problem; make beautiful bags from them. Making a bag is not rocket science, and it will also add variety to your range of bags.


Pratibha Yadav

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