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All You Need to Know about the Best BBA Branches

If you’re looking to make a career in management, then BBA is the best option. It’s also more like a stepping-stone for students who are planning to pursue MBA after graduation. This course helps an individual to gain essential knowledge about the corporate world and the fundamentals of management. Those who are interested in studying different aspects of business should pursue this course.

Here is the list of branches which will help to mould your career with ease.


BBA in Finance is a well-designed programme which gives you fine-tuned knowledge of insurance and investments. The degree also aims to provide practical and theoretical knowledge of various financial components such as Financial Engineering, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance and International Finance. As finance is the core aspect of an organisation, there is a demand for this course among students. Thus, a career in this field is available in diverse areas ranging from small-scale industries to large corporate organisations.


A Marketing specialisation prepares students for careers in Marketing – Global Marketing, E-commerce, Services Management, Brand Management and Buyer Behaviour. Marketing is an integral element of an organisation, so finding a place to get hands-on experience in this field is easy. The success of an organisation is defined by its marketing strategies, so keeping this in mind, the curriculum of this course is designed in a way that students are well prepared to face the challenges in the working world.

Retail Management

This is the perfect time to go for BBA in Retail Management given that the Indian retail industry is growing at a rapid pace. The tremendous growth in the retail industry has opened doors for graduates of various streams. Not just this, the course structure is so dynamic and flexible that you can further specialise in a specific area of Retail Management based on your interests. You can also go for higher studies such as an MBA in Retail Management to raise the level of your career.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management courses are designed keeping in mind the rapid change of the business world. The first two years of BBA is common with other courses in order to strengthen your foundation of business. The programme focus is on the development of analysis and research skills which are required to survive in the corporate world. Every business needs a leader to look up to; here is when an HR executive who can strategise every business decision comes into the picture. Human resource, with its personnel and industrial relations, is what ultimately gives a company a unique competitive advantage and ensures long-term success.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is a course designed to teach students the basic business skills required for the various areas of health service management. Students with this degree often end up working as a health project manager, healthcare facilities manager, medical office administrator, healthcare quality manager or healthcare administrator. After finishing their Bachelor’s degree, students can pursue a Master’s degree to further prepare for various leadership roles.

All you need to do now is pick the course of your choice and follow your dreams. 

Tejal Mistry

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