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International Mathematics Olympiad in Thailand

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), the world championship for Mathematics, will be held in Thailand this year. The 56th IMO started on 4 July and will continue till 16 July 2015. 


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The first IMO was conducted in 1959 in Romania with 7 countries participating. Now, about 100 countries from all five continents participate in the IMO. The main objective of the IMO is to encourage students to learn and understand Mathematics, and to indentify the mathematical creativity of students. A student must be under the age of 20 in order to participate in the IMO.

About 400 students get selected in each group. The selected students then appear in the Indian National Olympiads which are held at various centres in India. Here, only 30 students are selected from each group for this 20–30-day camp. Students are trained for the International Olympiads. Finally, these students represent India in the International Olympiads.

The winners of the Olympiad are honoured with gold, silver and bronze medals.

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