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Add a Different Flavour this Friendship Day

Friendship Day is one special day when you get an opportunity to break the shackles of everyday and outpour your creativity and yourself to make your friends feel special. This one day is reserved to celebrate and cherish sweet memories of your friendship.


 Of course, friends are important in every aspects and days of our lives and one day won’t make a difference. But, if a day like this is present why not make the best use of it?


However, if your Friendship Day has not been any different from just a day of making and receiving gifts or going and eating out, here are a few ways you can make this Friendship Day a different one and a memorable one.


Have you ever realized that there are people in this world with no friends? You must be wondering how sad can that be? There should be something really wrong with a person to not have any friends. Definitely, there is something wrong with the person, but most of the times, the person has no role to play. Not everyone is in charge of their fates or destiny when they are born.


Children with no parents or elders abandoned by their families for various social and economic reasons or kids born with disabilities are all strung by the same fate. They crave for the same love and belonging, the same friends and families that we are blessed with.


So, this Friendship Day, it won’t be a bad idea to spend a day with them and to extend them a hand of your friendship. You can go with your group of friends or else go alone.


They are bound to surprise you with all their hidden talents and interesting tales. Being devoid of love, they are not bitter as they have an abundance and wealth of warmth in them.


You can get something like chocolates or gifts, or even if you are going in a group, then you can plan a stream of activities for them. For example, you can sing or play the guitar or even dance with them. Best part is once you are there, they will open up to you like a flower blooming to the first magnificent rays of the Sun. Yes, it is that beautiful.


A feedback after a visit to an orphanage on the Topper Discussion Forum


At the end of the day, as you leave the place (if you happen to visit an orphanage), you will feel like a star with the kids swarming all around you. You will find hundreds of smiles and hands waving at you in the hope that you will return to visit them. What you will carry within you is precious-- those moments of pure happiness; in a few hours you have made so many friends-- friends who wouldn’t crave to have a better smartphone or a better grade than yours but who would rather crave to share their simple joys with you.


If that is good enough, then give a shot at the unique and beautiful experience that awaits you.


You don’t have to go far to find these people. Just look around, search on the net, and there will be plenty of orphanages, old-age homes or disability centers around. Ring the authorities over there before hand and they will be happy enough to let you spend a day with them. After all, this Friendship Day falls on a Sunday.


-Sayan Ganguly

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