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Add a Creative Spark to your Garden


Add a Creative Spark to your Garden

Here, we list some ideas where you can be creative to the core and make your garden a place to find comfort.

By Pratibha Yadav 18th Aug, 2015 04:01 pm

Gardening is definitely one of those things which provide solace to your inner self. We all love to mess our hands in the mud and then watch our efforts grow productively. If you’re looking for creative satisfaction, then gardening is surely one of the ways where you can explore your creativity. One, it’ll provide you creative satisfaction, and two, it’ll beautify your garden. Here, we list some ideas where you can be creative to the core and make your garden a place to find comfort.


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Butterfly Feeder: There are many ways to make a butterfly feeder. Let’s take a jar and clean it up thoroughly. Take the jar lid and pierce a hole in the centre. To pierce a hole, use a nail and a hammer, and gently make a hole. You need a sponge to insert in the hole. Now, attach strings to the jar so that it can be hung in your garden. Fill the jar with sugar water and seal it with a lid. Invert the jar; the sugar water will reach the sponge. You can also stick some flowers on the inverted jar to make it realistic. Hang the inverted butterfly feeder in your garden and wait for beautiful butterflies!


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Painted Garden Markers: You may have wanted to paint since a long time; we have another good reason for you to do so. All you need to do is assemble some smooth stones, your colours and you’re set for this activity. Use all your creativity and paint these stones in way that they can be used to mark a particular area in your garden. For example, if you want to mark the area where you grow roses, then you can either paint roses on the stone or spell ‘Roses’ so as to make things simpler. These painted garden markers will also add to the beauty of the garden.


Image source:

Vertical Gardens: The concept of a vertical garden can help you decorate your fence. You can hang your flower pots on the garden fence. Climber plants can also be used to decorate your vertical garden.


Image source:

Bird Bath: A plate to hold water, ropes and jute/other decorating materials – it’s very simple to make a bird bath. All you need to do is roll the jute in a manner that it resembles a bird’s nest. Place the plate over it. Attach the plate and the jute to ropes and hang them in your garden. Now, wait for chirpy birds to come and throng your garden.

Image source:

Artificial Pond from Tyres: You can make use of the old tyres in your house. Dig a hole in the ground which can fit your tyre. Clean your tyre thoroughly before placing it in. When the tyre is fitted inside, seal it with cement and let it dry for a day or two. Now you can add water to your small little pond. If you want your pond to look more appealing, you can decorate the edge with coloured rocks. Make sure you replace the water when it gets dirty as you wouldn’t want mosquitoes to breed.

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