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A Hobby can Change your Life!

Not many people give hobbies their due importance. They are as important as studies and have numerous benefits. One of the biggest advantages of adopting a hobby is enhanced focus and concentration. 


Hobbies Give Children a Sense of Confidence

Hobbies help children enjoy a sense of accomplishment and bolsters their self-esteem. This in turn encourages them to focus more and strive harder to excel at the hobby. 

Encourage reading

Hobbies lead to a path that boosts and aides learning, as well as has the power to transform even lazy people into active readers, which requires concentration. Most often, kids don’t enjoy reading because they do not find the books in front of them interesting and have short attention span. However, once you help them discover their passions, reading starts becoming interesting when they actively read about their passions.


When children read about their hobbies and passions, they develop a thirst for knowledge without even realizing it. For example, if a child is interested in collecting rocks, then after collecting rocks, your junior geologist will most likely want to know more about her/his) collection, as she/he progresses in her research and studies. There is an increased focus on working towards wanting to discover more about the hobby.

Teach goal-setting

Children learn goal-setting and make their own decisions when they get engrossed in their hobbies and passions. Goal-setting needs focus and concentration.

Can lead to lifetime careers

Hobbies not help set in maturity in kids but also can lead them to make lifetime career choices based on their hobbies. When James G. of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida got his first racing bike in middle school, he went to work in a bike shop and enjoyed biking, and today, in his mid-twenties, he manages the shop. His focus and determination has lead him to be the man he is today.

How to develop a hobby

1. Make a list of leisure activities which you enjoy and determine your passions. You don't have to choose something you already know well as learning a new hobby is a journey filled with fun and excitement and can be something you believe you would thoroughly enjoy and pursue.
2. Assess your schedule and decide when you can fit learning your hobby in your schedule. It is not advisable to wait until you have unlimited free time to pursue your passions. Enjoy your hobby as it will give you respite and a break from studying.

3. Find a buddy. It is always enjoyable to discuss your passions with like-minded people. Ask and discuss with your friends and neighbors about their passions and see if you’ll have similar interests. If you can't find someone who has a similar hobby, then you can research your hobby on the Internet.

4. Check your local area listings for hobby classes which can help you develop your hobby. For example, craft stores often conduct classes or seminars, while local gyms can give you tips on training for a race. People also offer their personal services for a fee on hobbies ranging from guitar to cooking.

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