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Glimpses of Books Written by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who was an institution in himself still inspires us through his work as a President and his devotion to science. India may have lost a gem of a person, but we are still blessed with his books which continue to inspire us. His journey from being an ordinary child to an extraordinary scientist is still enclosed in some of his books. So, why not unleash this secret and learn what this great soul has to say.

Here is the list of five books written by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam. Kalam and Arun Tiwari wrote this book together. The book is all about his career and hardships he went through to get into the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The book also unfurls the story of Kalam from his childhood to becoming a research scientist in ISRO.    

Ignited Minds: Unleashing Power within India

Kalam wrote Ignited Minds in dedication to a schoolchild named Snehal Thakkar whom he met during a school visit. The source of this book was also Snehal who took Kalam by surprise when she answered his question on “Who is our enemy?” The book is of just 205 pages, but you will realise at the end that India failed to emerge as a developed nation.

India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium

India 2020 highlights the strengths and weaknesses of our nation and offers a solution on how India can successfully emerge as the world’s most powerful economy. This book is again dedicated to a girl whose dream is to live in a developed India. In this book, Kalam has strongly stated how India will certainly develop into a strong nation by 2020.

My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions

My Journey is a book in which Kalam talks about the lessons he learnt from different people he met during his journey from becoming a scientist to the President of India. He has also mentioned some of his failures which he faced throughout his struggle as a lesson for all of his readers. The key focus of the book is on how he couldn’t pursue his dream to get into the Indian Air Force.

Turning Points: A Journey through Challenges

Turning Points is like a sequel of Wings of Fire, the only difference in this book is that here Kalam is talking more about his dream to see India as a developed country. The book starts from the point when Kalam became the President of India and ends with the challenges he faced during his presidential term of five years.  

We may not be able to hear his voice anymore, but his thoughts and experiences still live in his books. So, go ahead and pick a book because there is definitely something new for you to learn.

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