Write the general outer electronic configuration of s, p, d and f block elements. Also assign the position of elements having outer electronic configuration as

i) ns2 np4  for n=3
ii) (n-2) f7 (n-1) d1 ns2 for n=6, in the periodic table.

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Expert Answer:

The general outer configuration of s block elements is ns1-2

p block = ns2 p1-6
d block= (n-1) d1-10ns0-2
f block = (n-2) f1-14 (n-1) d0-1,ns2
i) ns2 np4 for n=3
Ans) In this case the element belongs to third period of the periodic table as n=3. The group number of the element is 16
ii) (n-2)f7 (n-1) d1 ns2 for n=6
Ans)    In this case the element belongs to the sixth period of the periodic table. The group is lanthanoid. .

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