what is ozone layer depletion?what are the causes and what are the steps taken to prevent ozone layer depletion?also mention the harmful effects of ozone layer depletion.

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Hi Nikki,

Ozone layer depletion:

  • Depletion in the ozone layer of the atmosphere is called ozone depletion.
  • The ozone layer or the ozone shield called the ozonosphere is present in the stratosphere at an altitude of 23–25 km over the equator and at a slightly lower altitude of 11–16 km over the poles.
  • The ozone layer functions as a shield against strong UV radiations and protects the Earth from these harmful radiations.

Causes of ozone depletion:

  • Methyl bromide
  • Nitrogen oxides released from freezers, air conditioners, aerosol products and industrial solvents
  • Compounds such as CFCs break down into chlorine atoms in the atmosphere. These chlorine atoms break down O3 into oxygen (O2) and nascent oxygen (O).

Effects of Ozone Depletion

  • Incidence of skin cancer, cataract and poor immune response in humans.
  • Affects crop yield and productivity in plants.
  • Marine and terrestrial food chains get disturbed.
  • UV-B damages DNA and can result in mutations.

Measures to prevent ozone depletion:

  • Limit private vehicle driving
  • Avoid using pesticides
  • Banning the use of dangerous nitrous oxide

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