what do u mean by specific heat and moar specific heat?

Asked by sharookh shahul | 18th Nov, 2013, 11:46: AM

Expert Answer:

Specific Heat
Specific heat is the amount of heat requiered to raise or lower the temperature of a unit mass substance by 1º C.
If equlal amount of heat is added to equal masses of different substances, the resulting temperature changes will be different for each substance.
Specific heat is the property of the substance.
It depends on the nature of the substance and its temperature.
Molar specific Heat
If the amount of substance is specified in terms of moles μ, instead of mass m in kg, it gives molar specific heat.
The amount of heat required to change the temperature of one mole substance by 1º C is called molar specific heat.


Answered by Komal Parmar | 18th Nov, 2013, 06:58: PM

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