what are the needs of adolescence stage?

Asked by kaurgurvansh24 | 27th Mar, 2020, 03:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Every adolescent has certain needs, the satisfaction of which is essential to his continued physical and others aspects of development.

They are broadly classified into physiological needs and psychological needs.

Primary or physiological Needs:   The need for oxygen, need for water and food, need for rest and sleep, need for sex gratification etc. are the important physiological needs.

Secondary or socio-psychological Needs:  Needs that are associated with socio-cultural environment of an individual are called secondary needs. The important socio-psychological needs are as follows:

  • Needs for security
  • Need for Love
  • Need for freedom and independence
  • Need for self-expression and achievement

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 27th Mar, 2020, 06:25: PM