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Asked by Kanwaranita10 | 2nd Feb, 2020, 09:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Differences between vasa efferentia and vas deferens:

Vasa efferentia

Vas deferens

  • They arises from the rete testes.
  • They arises from the epididymis.
  • They are fine and convoluted ductules.
  • They are thick and coiled ductules.
  • They carry spermatozoa from rete from testes to epididymis.
  • They carry spermatozoa from epididymis to ducts.
  • They transport immature sperms.
  • They transport mature sperms.
  • They are 15-20 in number.
  • They are two in number.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 3rd Feb, 2020, 11:11: AM