what are precautions should be taken for the application of fertilizers in the cultivated field ?

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Expert Answer:

  • The method of application has to be chosen to suit the particular nutrient, the crop, as well as method of cultivation. Nitrogen and potassium are generally applied as broadcast to irrigated crops. Phosphorus needs to be placed near the plant rows. Only those fertilizers that do not scorch (burn) leaves are sprayed.
  • Also use the correct dosage/concentration of the fertilizer and at correct time intervals.
  • Using organic fertilisers or mix of manure and fertilisers helps to conserve the soil fertility. 
  • Many fertilizers are toxic to useful or desirable animals and birds. Crops and other plants may also be damaged by misapplied fertilizers. Take precautions to protect non-pest species from direct exposure to fertilizers and from contamination due to drift, runoff, or residues.
  • Before applying any fertilizer, take into account the stage of plant development, the soil type and condition, the temperature, moisture, and wind.
  • The person applying the fertilizer should take care of personal safety.  Follow label directions carefully. When applying these chemicals, use gloves that are suited for the chemical. You should use a ventilation mask, too especially for powder fertilizers. After application the spreader or implement needs to be washed really well. Avoid splashing, spilling, leaks, spray drift, and contamination of clothing. Never eat, smoke, drink, or chew while using fertilizers

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