Two similar spheres having +Q and -Q charges at a kept distance . F force act on between two.if at the middle of the two sphere another similar sphere having +Q is kept then it experience a force in magnitude and direction as

Asked by nonuhasan2 | 28th Nov, 2021, 09:43: PM

Expert Answer:

Initially two charges +Q and -Q are positioned at ( d, 0 ) and (-d, 0 ) in cartesian coordinate system.
Then +Q charge is placed at Origin.
There is a force of repulsion Fr between +Q and +Q charges in +x-axis direction.
There is a force of attraction Fr between +Q and -Q charges in +x-axis direction.
Hence magnitude of total force Fa + Fr = 2 × K × (  Q2 / d2 )
where K = 1/(4πεo ) = 9 × 109 N m2 C-2 is coulomb's constant
Direction of total force is +x- axis direction , i.e. from central +Q charge towards -Q charge

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 29th Nov, 2021, 08:25: AM