This is the question from class 10 light chapter asked in our state model paper

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Expert Answer:

I.(1) SI unit of electric charge :-  Coulomb
I.(2) Suitable focal length to view "HallMark 916 " is 12 cm .
Reason is , we get magnified non-inverted virtual image if object is placed between focal point and lens .
Magnifying power is reciprocal of focal length . Hence smaller focal length is preferred.
I.(3) Magnetic field inside Solenoid is parallel straight line . Reson is , Magnetic field is uniform inside solenoid
II .(4) focal length = 15 cm. For a spherical lens , if focal elngth is F , then radius of curvature is 2F
II. (5) At normal incidence, refraction of light will not take place .
If light enters at angle of incidence 90o then light will travel parallel to surface of glass slab and
there is no transmission through glas slab
II. (6)
Resistance of coductor is directly proportional to resitivity .
For transportation of electricity , conductor should have low resistance , hence conductor-A that has low resistivity is preferred
For heating coil , conductor should have high resistance , hence conductor-B that has high resistivity is preferred.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 8th May, 2021, 08:37: PM