The MCB of a Rupa’s room is tripped and keeps on tripping again and again. If it is a domestic circuit, what could be the reason of this phenomenon?

Asked by swatipuspapatel | 8th Jul, 2021, 04:36: PM

Expert Answer:

The MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers) keeps on tripping again and again can be due to 3 following reasons: - 
1) Overloading - When too many devices are operating on same circuit. This causes too much electrical power to be consumed in single circuit than what it is meant to be. 
To avoid this, disconnect the unrequired devices from the circuit.
2) Shortcircuit - When one wire comes in direct contact with another wire due to faulty wiring or damaged wire then condition of shortcircuit arises. 
To avoid any further damage, fix the wiring system as soon as possible. 
3) Faulty design - 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Jul, 2021, 05:34: PM