the ratio of potential energy of electron in the 4th orbit of H e to the power of plus ion to the kinetic energy of electron in 3rd orbit ofL i to the power of 3 plus end exponent ion would be????

Asked by Anu | 19th Jun, 2014, 12:28: PM

Expert Answer:

The equation of P.E for a one electron atom is

Ep = - Z2e4m

4e02 h2n2

So e- in He+ ion in 4th orbit

Ep = - 22e4m = -me4

4e02 h242 16e02 h2

The equation of K.E for a one electron atom is

Ek = Z2e4m

8e02 h2n2

So e- in Li+3 ion in 3rd orbit

Ek = 32e4m = me4

8e02 h232 8e02 h2

Ep = -me4 x 8 e02 h2 = -1

Ek 16e02 h2 x me4 2

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 20th Jun, 2014, 05:35: PM