State Newton's second law of motion.What information do you get from it?


Asked by Bhasharaj | 6th Oct, 2020, 10:21: PM

Expert Answer:

The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the applied force and occurs in the direction in which the force acts. 
Force α Change in momentum/ time 
Hence, F α ma 
F = kma 
k =1 
F = ma ...(*)
Thus, Newton’s second law of motion provides a method to measure the force on a body as a product of its mass and acceleration.
From eqn (*), 
F = (mv - mu)/t 
If F = 0, 
v =u 
This means if the external force is zero, then the body continues to move uniformly throughout its motion.

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 6th Oct, 2020, 11:52: PM