sir/ madam,

is it true that if no of bonds in an atom increases then the atom acquires a positive charge on it and when it loses one bond it acquires a negative charge on it ?

why does it happen so?


Asked by kaziryan.05 | 6th Jul, 2021, 11:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
When number of bond increases it acquires poistive charge it happens in ions like- NH4 , H3O+ 
Number of bonds are increased because one extra atom is attached with and one atom from lone pair is released.
For Example in NH3 - One lone pair and 3 bonds are present
In NH4 ion-   One electron from the lone pair is attached one new H and positive charge is due to release of one electon from N. 
It is the only posssibility when octet of N is complete with this positve charge. 
For negative charge also, To complete the octet of central metal atom one less bond type of structure is formed with negative chargee.

Answered by Ravi | 12th Jul, 2021, 05:06: PM