Rohan is a athlete . When he was about to run for a competetion his leg suddenly started paining
soon a medical team surrounded him and applied ice on his legs . why did they apply ice
on his legs?

Asked by seeni2005 | 7th Sep, 2015, 09:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Ice is generally applied immediately post injury to reduce tissue metabolism thereby limiting secondary hypoxic damage and reduce the degree of oedema and muscle damage. Ice cools down injured tissue and lowers its metabolism. This decreases the chances of the swollen tissue becoming starved of oxygen, and further damage. There are analgesic properties of ice application. Hence, ice was immediately applied on Rohan’s legs as an immediate fist aid for relieving him from pain.

Although ice may be capable of reducing the painful symptom associated with soft tissue injury, it may not necessarily enhance the recovery rate of injury rehabilitation.  It may just alleviate soreness during your recovery process.  

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 8th Sep, 2015, 10:40: AM