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Yes. An object that has moved through a distance can have zero displacement. Displacement is the shortest distance between the initial and the final position of an object. An object which has covered a distance can have zero displacement if it comes back to its starting point i.e., the initial position.

Consider the following situation. A man is walking along the boundary of a square park of side 20 m (as shown in the following figure). He starts walking from point A and after moving along all the sides of the park (AB, BC, CD, DA), he again comes back to the same point i.e., A.

Ncert Solutions Cbse Class 9 Physics Chapter - Motion
In this case, the total distance covered by the man is 20 m + 20 m + 20 m + 20 m = 80 m. However, his displacement is zero because the shortest distance between his initial and final position is zero.

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