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I have given the overall features and aspects of mixed farming. You could take these points and elaborate them further.

Mixed farming is the combining of two independent agricultural enterprises on the same farm. A typical case of mixed farming is the combination of crop cultivation with livestock farming. This particular combination of enterprises, support each other and add to the farmer’s profitability.

Mixed farming systems can be classified in many ways - based on land size, type of crops and animals, geographical distribution, market orientation, etc.

The farm on which at least 10 to 49% income is found from livestock is called mixed farm. In mixed farming cow and buffaloes are included with crop production. If farmers are rearing cows, buffaloes, sheep goat, and fisheries with crop cultivation this type of farming is called diversified farming.

Requirements of Mixed Farming:

i) Complicated management practices.
ii) Sound cropping scheme.
iii) Good cattle in suitable number.
iv) Transport facility.
v) Marketing facilities.

Advantages of mixed farming:

1. It offers highest return on farm business, as the by products of farm are properly utilized.
2. It provides work throughout year.
3. Efficient utilization of land, labour, equipment and other resources.
4. Manures available from livestock maintain soil fertility.
5. It helps in supplying all the food needs of the family members.
6. If one source of income is lost he can maintain his family from other source of income.
7. Mixed farming increases social status of the farmer.

8. Mixed farming permit wider crop rotations and thus reduce dependence on chemicals.

In India the livestock is much closely connected with agriculture because animal power is the main source of power in agriculture.
Also include the disadvantages of mixed farming here.

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