Is the charge on two capacitors connected in series (one of them is filled with dielectric slab of constant K) same if they both are connected to battery having potential V ? If yes then please justify..

Asked by yashrajgharte24.12dgatl | 3rd Aug, 2021, 03:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Figure shows two capacitors in series connected to a battery of EMF V .
Let capacitors made with plates A and B is air filled and the other one is filled with dieclectric material. 
Anode or positive electrode of battery attracts electron from plate-A , leaving +ve charge +q on plate A.
Same amount of attracted electrons is given to plate D that is connected to the cathode or negative electrod of battery.
Hence plate D acquires negative charge  -q .
Since Plate A has positive charge  +q , Plate-B gets negative charge -q by induction .
Since plates B and C are metals and connected by conducting wire, plate C gets
positive charge so that conducting materials that consists of plate B , plate C and the
connecting wire have net zero charge.
In Dielectric material , surface facing the plate D gets positive +q charge by induction,
hence surface facing plate C gets negative -q charge.
Hence if series combination of capacitors connected to a battery , then each capacitor has same charge

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 3rd Aug, 2021, 08:53: PM