in Current electricity, in section batteries and EMF, we studied that,in a battery a internal mechanism exerts forces on the charges of battery... sir can you please explain, how this force drives the charge in a battery and why these forces drive charges in that manner? please explain sir..

Asked by yashrajgharte24.12dgatl | 18th Aug, 2021, 09:29: PM

Expert Answer:

In electrical cell chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. In every electrical cell , there are two electrodes
dipped in chemical solutions. One elctrode dipped in chemical solution is isolated from other electrode that is dipped
in a different chemical solution . Chemical reaction is taking place between electrodes and chemical solutions.
In one electode, oxidtation reaction takes place so that electrons  released from metal electrode and this electrode
become +ve charge anode . In other electrode, reduction reaction takes place so that electron is absorbed by this elctrode
and it becomes negatively charged cathode.
Due to the presence of charges around electrodes , potential difference is developed and this potential difference is known as
EMF of cell.  When these elctrodes are connected externally through a bulb or device that has the ability to draw the current ,
then charges created in chemeical reactions inside the cell will flow through electrodes and either a bulb or device .

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 18th Aug, 2021, 10:22: PM