If one third of 100g of 27% aqueous sugar solution is taken in a beaker and 10g of sugar is added to it, then find the concentration of the resulting solution?

Asked by abinash.gupta003 | 7th Nov, 2016, 10:21: AM

Expert Answer:

27 over 100 space cross times space 100 over 3 space equals space 9 space straight g  Total space Volume space equals space 33.33 space ml 10 space straight g space of space Sugar space is space added. So comma fraction numerator 9 space plus space 10 over denominator 33.33 end fraction space space equals space bold 0 bold. bold 57 bold space bold g bold space bold divided by bold space bold ml

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 7th Nov, 2016, 07:13: PM

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