Dear students write down the uses of metals and non metals with suitable examples.

Asked by rehanpinjari94.9dgatl | 11th Oct, 2021, 10:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Uses of metals:
i. The aluminium metal in the form of alloys is used to make aeroplanes.
ii. The copper metal is used to make electric wires, electric motors, utensils etc. 
iii. The zinc metal is used in galvanizing iron so as to prevent it from rusting. 
iv. Silver and gold is used in making jewellery. 
Uses of non-metals:
i. Sulphur is used in vulcanisation of rubber.
ii. Chlorine is used in water purification process.
iii. Nitrogen is used in manufacturing fertilizers which enhances the growth of plants. 
iv. Oxygen is used by plants and animals for breathing. 

Answered by Ramandeep | 12th Oct, 2021, 02:41: PM