I need a help regardign the topic of the invetigatory project that is to be used for class 12 cbse practical exam..
Please give me idea of what to do ?

Asked by Ginni2k | 10th Nov, 2016, 04:46: PM

Expert Answer:

You can choose from the following topics:
1.  Conduct a survey of pesticides at your local nursery, garden supplies shop or supermarket. In this you can include the chemical composition, brand names, target organisms and its effect on environment.
2. Conduct a survey and statistical analysis of a particular human disease and prepare questionnaire regarding its causes, the affected area in your locality, its preventive measures and vaccination centres in your locality etc.
3. Study the animal kingdom (taking one class such as pisces and note its movement by conducting a survey on aquarium fishes).
4. Visiting a sewage treatment plant or gobar gas plant and conducting a survey.
5. Conduct a survey on heredity that affects individual's fingerrints (taking different fingerprints from different families.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 11th Nov, 2016, 09:18: AM