I have already asked about this question that since gravitational force is action at a distance force so what does it mean that gravitational force is due to the exchange of "particles" gravitons between them..plz explain it

Asked by bharti | 9th May, 2013, 01:41: AM

Expert Answer:

You are right. Gravitational force acts from a distance and does not necessary require transfer of any particles between the 2 bodies. It is because of this reason that gravitons are actually hypothetical particles that have been used to describe gravitational force in the quantum field theory. No such particle has yet been discoved and if discovered, they would be massless particles. 
There were described in the first place because the three other known forces of nature are mediated by elementary particles: electromagnetism by the photon, the strong interaction by the gluons, and the weak interactionby the W and Z bosons. The hypothesis is that the gravitational interaction is likewise mediated by a – yet undiscovered – elementary particle, dubbed the graviton. However, no experimental proof of existence of any such particle has been shown till date. 

Answered by  | 12th May, 2013, 04:53: AM

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