How to know the number of isomers present in an organic compound ?

Asked by jaiswalsindhuli717 | 16th Dec, 2018, 05:20: PM

Expert Answer:

In the case of methane, ethane, and propane:
1. Methane: 1
 2. Ethane: 1
 3. Propane: 1
     There is only one isomer because it does not have any chiral carbon.
4. In the case of Butane :
     There are two isomers one is n-butane and second is iso-butane.
5. In the case of Pentane, pentane has three isomers.
    one is n-pentane second is iso-pentane and third is neo-pentane.

Answered by Ramandeep | 18th Dec, 2018, 11:59: AM