How to find magnetism by unpaired electron of coordinate compuond??

Asked by ADITYASEN704 | 11th Jun, 2016, 04:51: PM

Expert Answer:

The magnetic properties of a compound is determined from its size of the atoms and the electron configuration.
The number of unpaired electrons in a specific compound indicates the nature of the magnetic compound. Thus, magnetism is generated by electronic spin.
The spin of a single electron is denoted by the quantum number ms as +(1/2) or –(1/2). This spin is negated when the electron is paired with another, but creates a weak magnetic field when the electron is unpaired.
More unpaired electrons increase the paramagnetic effects.
Depending on the strength of the ligand, the compound may be paramagnetic or diamagnetic.
Whether a compound can be ferromagnetic or not depends on its number of unpaired electrons and on its atomic size.
  • Small atoms pair up too easily and their charges cancel.
  • Large atoms are difficult to keep together; their charge interaction is very weak.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 12th Jun, 2016, 01:38: AM