How like dissolves like?

Asked by nishchaymakhija115 | 11th Sep, 2019, 02:31: PM

Expert Answer:

'Like dissolves like' is a basic rule of solubility.In a solution, Solute is a substance which is dissolved into a larger substance.There are two types of solute and solvent on the basis of polarity.
1. Polar
2. Nonpolar
In polar molecules, Charges are present on molecules so due to these charges polar molecules interact with each other, this interaction is known as polar-polar interactions. So due to these interactions, polar solute dissolves in a polar solvent and polar solute does not dissolve in the nonpolar solvent because of lack of these interactions.Nonpolar substance interacts with nonpolar substance and this interaction is also known as hydrophobic interactions due to these interactions, nonpolar substance dissolves in nonpolar substance.

Answered by Ravi | 11th Sep, 2019, 07:14: PM