find the number of 4 letters word that can be formed from the letters of the word "PIGEON" ?

Asked by sagar_arihant | 24th Jun, 2009, 11:24: AM

Expert Answer:

i suppose you want to know the number of words(with or without meaning)

a word is basically an arrangement of the alphabates involved.

so we have to see how many arrangements of these 6 letters can be made?

Imagine there are four boxes to be filled(since it's a four lettered word that we want to form)

the first box can be filled by any of the six letters available, once that is filled the next box can be filled by any of the remaning five letters, the next one by remaining four letters and the last one by the remening three letters.

Sototal number of ways using the fundamental principal of counting is


it's the same as taking 6P4(formula for permutation)

Answered by  | 24th Jun, 2009, 11:38: AM

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