Fertilisers Have distributed the ecology upto a large extent .State two alternatives that may be practised to overcome this problem.

Asked by Bachittar Singh | 14th Nov, 2013, 05:57: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Only those fertilizers that do not burn leaves must be sprayed.
  • Use the correct dosage/concentration of the fertilizer and at correct time intervals.
  • Using organic fertilisers or mixture of manure and fertilisers helps to conserve the soil fertility. 
  • Take precautions to protect non-pest species from direct exposure to fertilizers and from contamination due to drift, runoff or residues.
  • Before applying any fertiliser, take into account the stage of plant development, the soil type and condition, the temperature, moisture and wind.
  • The person applying the fertiliser should take care of personal safety.  Follow label directions carefully. When applying these chemicals, use gloves that are suited for the chemical. You should use a ventilation mask, too especially for powdered fertilizers. After application, the spreader or the implement needs to be washed really well.
  • Avoid splashing, spilling, leaks, spray drift and contamination of clothing. Never eat, smoke, drink or chew while using fertilizers.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 14th Nov, 2013, 06:37: PM

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