Explain global warming in detail.

Asked by chittukala7 | 21st Dec, 2015, 06:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Hi Chittu,

  • Certain gases, especially CO2, methane, nitric oxide and nitrous oxide, in the atmosphere act as greenhouse gases.
  • Their increased accumulation in the atmosphere prevents the escape of heat which warms the air.
  • Due to industrialisation and rising population, more CO2 is released.
  • At the same time, due to deforestation, there is decrease in utilisation of CO2 by green plants.
  • Overall rise in CO2 has lead to greater retention of solar radiation in the atmosphere, causing global warming.
  • During the last three decades, the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere has increased by 0.5°C.
  • Global warming leads to melting of snow caps, rise in sea level, decline in agricultural production and extinction of species such as the polar bear.

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