Explain any two activities in everyday life related to atmospheric pressure

Asked by Nipamonichoudhury | 21st May, 2019, 09:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Two applications of atmospheric pressure are as follows:
Straw: When the liquid is sucked up by a mouth through the straw, the air pressure inside the straw and in straw decreases. And the air pressure on the surface of the liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure. As the greater pressure acts on the surface of liquid (eg: soft drinks ) the drinks pushes itself in upward direction throught straw to our mouth. 
Syringe: Similarly, when the nozzle of the syringe is placed in the liquid and the piston is pulled, the pressure inside the syringe is reduced while the pressure on the lliquid is increased and thus it pushes itself up into the syringe. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 22nd May, 2019, 01:05: PM