CBSE Class 8 Questions and Answers

CBSE Class 8 is one of the crucial grades in your academic career. It is a grade wherein you need to understand all the fundamentals which will help you to score more marks in your further grades. One of the best and most effective way to score more marks in CBSE Class 8 is by referring to TopperLearning study materials which include video lessons, revision notes, question banks and sample papers.

Our complete package will help you to score more marks in your examination and is ideal for understanding the fundamentals of a particular subject. Our study materials for CBSE Class 8 cover all the subjects, and each concept is explained with true-to-life examples in our video lessons. All our study materials are created by subject experts who strictly follow the latest CBSE syllabus. Apart from our study materials, we provide textbook solutions for the NCERT, RD Sharma and other textbooks which will help you to clear all the concepts as the solutions are arranged chapter-wise. Apart from this, we have introduced free sample papers for CBSE Class 8 students, so that they can understand the paper pattern and are able to predict the time frame required to solve each question.

To get the best use of our study materials, we also have an ‘Ask the Expert’ facility, wherein all your subject-related doubts will be instantly solved by our subject matter experts, who are doctorates and have much experience teaching CBSE students. One of the strongest points of our study materials is the engaging videos which will help you to memorise all the concepts easily. By referring to our study materials, you can understand a particular subject and score more marks in the examination. 

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CBSE VIII - Mathematics

How many non perfect square lie between 100 and 121?

Asked by lakraritika753 | 5th Aug, 2020, 02:14: PM

CBSE VIII - English

why did ramanujam look worried after reading the letter?

Asked by sheema.thaj | 4th Aug, 2020, 05:01: PM

CBSE VIII - Grammar

change exclamatory sentence to assertive how nice of you!

Asked by syam893 | 4th Aug, 2020, 03:58: PM

CBSE VIII - Biology

hi test.

Asked by Reggie | 9th Jan, 2017, 12:19: PM

CBSE VIII - Mathematics

(X2 -5)(X+5)-25

Asked by Sushmita Dasgupta | 14th Mar, 2016, 07:10: PM

CBSE VIII - Social Studies

How do the names of different textiles tell us about their histories?

Asked by vanisha murarka | 6th Mar, 2016, 01:45: PM

CBSE VIII - General Science

What is cataract? explain in detail.

Asked by shrinilassp | 2nd Mar, 2016, 06:12: PM

CBSE VIII - Mathematics


Asked by Satyajit | 13th Jan, 2016, 06:41: PM