Distance and displacement .clarify the difference


Asked by shindepremraj7 | 18th Aug, 2021, 08:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Distance is scalar quantity. It has only magnitude . It does not have direction.
Displacement is vector quantity . It has magnitude and direction. 
Difference between distance and displacement is explained in the figure given below
Distance between O and A is 5 m . Displacement OA is 5 m towards east
Distance between O and B is 7 m. Displacement OB is 7 m towards 40o North of east
Distance between O and C is 8 m. Displacement OC is 8 m towards North .
Distance between O and D is 4 m. Displacement OD is 4 m towards 30o North of west
Distance between O and E is 6 m . Displacement OE is 6 m towards west

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 18th Aug, 2021, 09:39: PM