Derive an expression for displacement in the last or nth second 

Asked by Paitboy23 | 26th Jun, 2019, 05:44: AM

Expert Answer:

Let u be the initial velocity and a is acceleration.
To get velecity V after T seconds we use the formula, V = U+A×T , where A is acceleration
Hence velocity after (n-1) seconds = u+(n-1)×a .........................(1)
To get displacement S after T seconds, we use the formula,  S = U×T + (1/2)×A×T2 ,
where U is initial velocity and A is acceleration
Hence displacement Sn at nth or last second is obtained by using the intial velocity from eqn.(1) and it is given by,
Sn = u+(n-1)×a +(1/2)×a×1 = u+a×[ n- (1/2) ]

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 26th Jun, 2019, 11:06: AM

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