define work and its type with example.

Asked by mohammad anas ghori | 23rd Nov, 2013, 04:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Work is said to be done when a force acting on a body displaces it through a certain distance.
Work done by a force is positive when the force acts in the same direction as that of displacement. Eg. When a body falls freely under gravity, the work done by gravity is positive as force (gravity) and displacement of the body are in the same direction.
Work done by a force is negative when the force acts opposite to the direction of disolacement. Eg. Work done in lifting a body is negative as gravitational force and displacement are in the opposite direction.
Work done by a force is zero when force is perpendicular to displacement. Eg. A person carrying a load on his hand and walking on a horizontal road does no work as the force is acting at right angle to displacement.

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