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Asked by pratikshyadashrkl | 1st May, 2020, 10:24: AM

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We know,
Ideal gas equation is, 
PV = nRT ....(1)
From given information we can see that pressure (P) of gas remains unaffected becasue there is no change in n, R, T and V. 
Inside the vessel, the molecules of gas undergoes perfect elastic collison and hence, number of collision of gas molecules per unit volume remians constant and thus, the pressure inside the vessel remains constant. 
Hence, the pressure of the gas inside the vessel as observed by us on the ground remains same because motion of vessel as a whole does not affect the relative motion of molcules of gas and walls. 
Option - (b) 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 1st May, 2020, 12:17: PM