an object has moved through a distance can it have 0 displacement? if yes, support your answer with example

Asked by chetnawadgaonkar07.bpps | 2nd Jun, 2021, 11:19: AM

Expert Answer:

Let the object starts from a point A . after moving a distance if the object reached the same point A , then displacement is zero.
For case (1) , the object is moving in a circular path. After starting from A it reaches point B then return backs to same point A .
Though the distance moved by the object is 2πR , where R is radius of circular path , displacement is zero.
Similarly for case (2), object moves along the sides of equilateral triangle. Distance moved by object is ( 3 a ) ,
where a is side length of triangle. But displacement is zero because it has reached the same starting point A
In case (3) , object moves along sides of square. Distance moved by object is 4a ,
if a is side of square, But displacement is zero

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 2nd Jun, 2021, 01:40: PM