Among the following complexes ,which has a magnetic moment of 5.9 BM
Ni(CO)4 ,[Fe(H2O)6]2+ ,[Co(NH3)6]3+ ,[MnBr]2- ....??
Give full solution that will help in other example also

Asked by ADITYASEN704 | 11th Jun, 2016, 06:49: PM

Expert Answer:


The magnetic moment of 5.9 BM corresponds to the presence of five unpaired electrons in the d-orbitals of Mn2+ ion. As a result the hybridisation involved is sp3 rather than dsp2. Thus tetrahedral structure of [MnBr4]2– complex will show 5.92 BM magnetic moment value.


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Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 12th Jun, 2016, 01:34: AM