actually i am not good in chemistry what should i do please suggest me book

Asked by  | 12th Dec, 2013, 05:03: PM

Expert Answer:

Study and learn

Write each equation 5 times and memorize.

Learn name reaction first and try to practice their mechanism.

Mechanism is the only thing which will clear your basic and make other conversion easier for you.

Practice chemical reactions, intext questions and NCERT question.

Take help of questions available on our website.

This will definitely increase you knowledge and help you to remember reactions and conversions for longer time.

Follow the link which consist of almost every conversion and will help you when you get stuck anywhere.

Take notes:

One of the simplest ways of keeping a tab on what you study is by taking notes. Remember to jot down important information, formulas or definitions of concepts so you can always refer to it, in case you forget them. Moreover, when you write it down, there’s always a better chance that you will remember it in future.

Revise regularly:

Make sure you revise what you write. That will automatically help you remember concepts better even when you are in the middle of the exam.

Follow a daily routine:

Create a timetable or follow a daily routine. This will keep you organized and disciplined. As mentioned before, if you need more time to practice sums/problems, then give more time to that. Work on your weak areas, strengthen your strong areas.

Time Management:

Time management is one of the key factors towards good preparation for exams. If you manage your time well, everything will fall into place.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 13th Dec, 2013, 10:58: AM

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