a stream 200m broad is running downward at the rate of 1 km/h .a swimmer who can swim at the rate of 2 km/h wishes to reach a point just opposite . along what line should he striker and how long will he taker is crossing ?

Asked by hrushikesh.barik | 11th Oct, 2017, 08:16: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style straight theta equals tan to the power of negative 1 end exponent open parentheses 1 half close parentheses equals 26.56 space degree end style
begin mathsize 12px style He space should space strike space along space the space line space at space angle space 26.56 space degrees space with space
vertical space joining space the space two space sides space of space the space stream.
resultant space velocity space along space the space line space along space which space he space will space travel space on space
equals square root of 1 squared plus 2 squared end root space equals space square root of 5 space km divided by straight h space space space space space left parenthesis cosθ equals 0 right parenthesis end style  
begin mathsize 12px style
How space long space he space will space take space straight i. straight e. space time space can space be space given space as space
Time equals distance over speed equals fraction numerator 0.2 over denominator square root of 5 space end fraction hour end style

Answered by Gajendra | 27th Nov, 2017, 06:34: PM