a stone is tied to one end of a string and rotating in a vertical circle. what is the difference in tension of the lowest and highest point of the vertical circle

Asked by deekshikap2004 | 23rd Jan, 2021, 10:14: AM

Expert Answer:

when the stone is at lowest position A as shown in figure , we have
TA - ( m g )= m( v2 /R )  ..................(1)
where TA is tension in the string when the stone is at A , m is mass of stone, g is acceleration due to gravity ,
v is speed of stone and R is radius of circular motion. RHS of above eqn.(1) is required centripetal force for circular motion.
When the stone is at highest position B as shown in figure, we have
TB + ( m g ) = m( v2 /R ) ....................(2)
Hence  ( TA - TB ) = ( 2 m g )

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 23rd Jan, 2021, 11:55: AM